Global Cities

AT Kearney, the management consulting company, published a report last year ranking the top cities in the world against various measurements.  The report is titled The Urban Elite and can be viewed here.  Easy to read and make sense of, the report does a thorough job of explaining why it ranks the cities the way it does.  Starting with a list of the top 65, it proceeds to break-out 5 categories and the top 10 cities in each.  For example, the list of the top 65 is a rating of how well each city did for all 5 categories combined (Toronto at #14 and Montreal at #31 are the only Canadian cities on the list).  The 5 categories that are then broken out are: Business Activity, Human Capital, Information Exchange, Cultural Experience, and Political Engagement.  The usual suspects show up in the top 10 for each category (New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, etc) but also others like Singapore, Chicago, Boston, and Toronto (shows up at #9 for Human Capital).  To give the Human Capital category a bit of context for you… it means, a city’s investment in brain power, how well-educated and diverse is the population that resides there, any internationally known universities, etc.

I found the report extremely interesting but not necessarily surprising at all.  The world is becoming increasingly mega-urban and competition now is truly global.  It’s not inter-provincial or inter-state like it was just 20 years ago.  As a resident of Toronto I am happy to see my city on the list and especially in the top 10 for Human Capital but it also causes a bit of anxiety knowing that cities all over the world are doing the right things too and just because a city is ranked well one year does not mean it will stay there for long.

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