Good messages in the time of noise

It’s been going on for some time and increasingly it’s being seen as the defacto standard for demonstrating the features and functionalities of software for a wide audience.  Working with industry media to film product demonstrations, wrapping them with a good interview, which is then published in an online journal is a very popular method for quickly getting your message out there.  All companies are employing the tactic to varying degrees and it’s becoming clear that the differentiator comes down to not only how well-crafted is the message, but how extensively and credibly it is pushed out by employees of the company whose product is being showcased.

Shameless plug to follow….

Take the company I work for, as an example.  As my profile states, this blog reflects only my point of view and has nothing whatsoever to do with CA Technologies.  However, I will use them here to support my point.  Cloud Connect is a conference that took place this week in Silicon Valley.  Its purpose was to provide a forum for attendees and the industry media to learn about the direction of Cloud Computing and the vendors, products, and services available to help move forward.  CA Technologies was a Silver sponsor at the show and in this Information Week article you can see what I mean.  A professional interview which includes a member of our company conducting a demo is an extremely cost-effective way of disseminating a critical message (for us) to a potentially much wider audience than was reflected in the attendance figures for the conference.  I said “potentially” because although Information Week is a widely read industry magazine, the number of viewers of this interview and demo can increase quite dramatically if people like me push the message out there.  I’m not referring to pushing it out on my blog.  I’m referring to pushing it out to my customer community via other means, such as the monthly newsletter that I write. This is one half of the equation of the power of new social media.  We are today participating in a tremendous convergence of various media, traditional and new, (voice, video, email, tweets, and blogs) which allow us, if we choose, to reach our personal network of business contacts more rapidly and with, often, more professional content. 

The other half?  For all the promise and potential of that convergence, the odds of success for having that message received in the way one hopes are still only as good as the credibility and personal connection between the last sender (me) and the receiver (my individual customer).  If I haven’t made a personal connection prior to sending that converged message, the recipient will treat it with no more consideration than he or she does with all the other noise they hear everyday.

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I get jazzed by automation, big data, and blockchain tech. Business, technology, and fitness are things I understand. Scotch, wine, food, and fiction are things I appreciate.

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