Old TV biz model finally set to fade?

In an earlier post called If only they knew, I argued that if television networks and content providers were subject to the same level of granular performance analysis as computer-connected (i.e. IP-based) devices, we would see a revolution and a vast improvement in the content we as viewers endure when we choose to watch TV.  Until now, they had no idea how viewers reacted to the same inane commercials being played repeatedly, or even how many viewers were watching at any given moment (the reliance on Nielsen ratings has always been questionable).  If they knew, then they would be more careful of, and work harder at satisfying, the needs and desires of the viewers they covet. An article by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry in today’s Business Insider supports that opinion.

It covers a wide range of interesting topics but one item in particular caught my eye.  The comment came from Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners director and an investor in Facebook.  He sees television as the last protected media business and that once we get to the point where TVs are computers (i.e. off cable, linked to, and with content loaded from, the Internet), the industry will face major disruption.  This is not new news but it does serve to reinforce what seems to be the inevitable outcome….content providers will have to pay attention to viewer behavior like never before if they want to stay relevant and in business.   Yay!


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I get jazzed by automation, big data, and blockchain tech. Business, technology, and fitness are things I understand. Scotch, wine, food, and fiction are things I appreciate.

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