Three random thoughts unrelated to New Year’s

Three things I read in the last 24 hours made me feel that despite the steady diet of woeful news, we as a world continue to make good progress on a number of fronts. The first is news from Australia that Qantas Airways has implemented a sophisticated RFID-based system that will streamline airport check-in, baggage handling, and boarding to the pleasurable extent that their frequent fliers will probably only have to speak to a human being once, and that’s only if they want to be pleasant that day.  As a frequent flier myself, anything that the airline industry can do to speed the medieval airport experience is good news.

The second thing I read was just today and it was by Richard Shapiro in his blog called Customer Think. Intelligently articulated were his wishes for customer service evolution in 2012.  As someone who has been focused on customer service as a career choice for the better part of 15 years, I found his wishes both inspiring and revolutionary.  Some basic practice changes and senior management support would benefit many companies by providing them with a competitive edge and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

Third, is this..

It’s my home town, Toronto, and it was recently voted as having the 13th best skyline in the world.

NYC and Chicago were the only other North America cities that outranked it.  Why would this image make me feel as if we’re making good progress on something? Because the picture reminds me that a city like Toronto is alive.  Its arts, education, and technology sectors are vibrant and thriving and I’m lucky enough to live in that picture, just inside the right-side edge.  In fact, I wake up to something like this view everyday.

About Peter Armaly
I get jazzed by automation, big data, and blockchain tech. Business, technology, and fitness are things I understand. Scotch, wine, food, and fiction are things I appreciate.

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