5 Crimes of Customer Care

There are many ways to be a hero for your employer, for your customer, and for yourself when you’re a frontline customer-facing employee. Besides having a thorough understanding of departmental processes and procedures, success almost always boils down to inherently knowing what it means to do the right thing and being consistently respectful and organized. Yet, there are just as many ways to mess things up when you work in a high pressure frontline role and most of the time your employer won’t even notice right away. That’s the scariest part for those smart executives who know their company’s image and brand are often outside their immediate span of control.  They know that the experience felt by paying customers is controlled to a large degree by frontline staff in day-to-day conversations and interactions.

I find this topic so interesting that I wrote a blog post for my employer and you can find it on the Eloqua Blog.  The post is called 5 Crimes of Customer Care and can be found here: http://blog.eloqua.com/5-crimes-of-customer-care/. I’m interested in hearing what you think of it.